Monday, September 6, 2010

3D Pipes De-CGI

I've been reading BoingBoing for 7 years. I was inspired by the 3d pipes screen saver:

To make this:

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(It may take a few seconds to load all the way- gif's are slow the first time through)

It's 96 frames, which took two evenings with the blinds closed (for uniform light) to take. There's 30 feet of 1/2" pvc pipe and 22 pipe couplers in the shot. Pictures were taken with a Nikon D60.

Cropping and resizing of photos with Irfanview
gimp was used to create the gif. The photos were imported, then saved as a gif. That's all.

Some build photos:

The backdrop is the duvet cover off our blanket.

Lighting provided by part of an IKEA lamp from the bathroom. The dinosaur I rescued from a trash can at my school. We had to iron the duvet cover to get the wrinkles out.

The toilet paper was later eliminated in favor of making it largely self-supporting, with parts that needed additional support being assisted by fishing line tied to a broomstick.

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  1. That is SO COOL!! Way to GO Robert and Kristin!
    Love, Mom-Ruth